About the Wealthy Frolic

Welcome to The Wealthy Frolic! I am so happy you’ve decided to stop by. I endeavor to help others succeed on their own terms. I live and breathe strategy. I want to share with you tools and resources which will not only help you growth this season, but well into the future. My method is life-focused. Stop drudging toward externally influenced goals, and start frolicking towards holistic fulfillment!

About Tabatha

As a one-parent household responsible for four beautiful children, an MBA, a cancer survivor, and an entrepreneur, I’m a woman who looks at life determined to make every minute count. I want to share my talents for success based on the right tools, resources, knowledge and skills to help you achieve the success you desire and feel amazing!

The Frolicking Success Method

The Frolicking Success Method encourages you to evaluate their unique environment from a variety of angles for before setting expectations.

Our solutions are not just practical and supported by extensive research, they are intrinsically beneficial as it supports your own value system. The Frolicking Success Method encourages you to move away from traditional thinking about business challenges and move towards a high-fulfillment personally-defined path to success.

I have ten years of experience as a small business consultant and have worked for a variety of clients, at different stages of their development and business acumen. My areas of expertise include writing, editing, content strategy, marketing, software, and proposal management, client engagement, executive coaching, and strategic organization to name a few. I also have worked successfully in corporate america as an analyst, proposal manager, and strategist.

Beginning in June 2018, workshops for Desire Mapping and Fire Stater Sessions (I am licensed through Danielle LaPorte), as well as to be determined training.

Let’s Get Started

It’s time to structure your life for holistic success and reach your full potential!

Here, you find resources for personal and professional fulfillment. You will also find training information and very soon free resources guides, as well as online workshops, webinars and more.

Stop Drudging & Start Frolicking.

All the best,



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